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Vykon N4 Supervisor released! Upcoming N4 Advanced Certification!

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Hello everyone, we have some newly available software to announce and upcoming training to remind you of:

Vykon N4 Supervisor

4.4 has finally been released! It boasts graphical performance enhancements, new and updated HTML5 widgets including the Scheduler and Alarm Console, SAML 2.0 Single Sign On, and more! All Niagara installations with a valid maintenance agreement should be eligible for upgrade. Check the download page for the software as well as a Features Overview and Release Notes:

Download (login required):

Niagara 4 Advanced Technical Certification Program

We'd also like to remind you about an upcoming and newly updated Niagara 4 Advanced Technical Certification Program class. Tridium has updated this course for 2018, and it's a great way to discover new features in Niagara 4 and master the ones you're familiar with. We'll be hosting it at the Cochrane Tech Center in Madison Heights, MI the week of January 29th. For a full rundown of what's covered in the class check out the registration page for the class here:

Some other notable software that's been recently added to our Support website's Downloads section:

FX Workbench 14.3 (Niagara 4.3)
FX Workbench 6.4 (Niagara 3.8.213)
WEBs Enterprise Security (Niagara 3.8.213)

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