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Cochrane Tech Support has been updated! News on the future of Java and Niagara

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Cochrane Tech Support has been updated!

Over the past week we have updated our tech support website software, and also moved to a new internet connection that should drastically increase your download and upload speeds when using our website. If you notice any bugs, or if anything is missing, please let us know. Otherwise, enjoy!

Java 8's end of life and the new Niagara Web Launcher

Starting this year, Java 8 has reached its end of life and will no longer be receiving continued security updates from Oracle. This will eventually lead to a lack of support on most machines for Niagara's older, java-based graphics unless end-users continue to use insecure, out-of-date web browsers and versions of Java. The Java Web Start application also relies on Java 8, and thus will become insecure as time goes on.

Accordingly, Tridium is working on a new piece of software that can be served from the Niagara login screen called Niagara Web Launcher. The software is not expected to be released until March of 2019. It will use its own updated version of Java that must be installed.

In the meantime you can keep Java 8 installed on your machine, but note that it will no longer be updated, and will become insecure. Web browsers will likely cease compatibility with it, and the software will also begin heavily suggesting you update to newer versions of Java that are incompatible with Niagara's java-based graphics.

For Tridium's latest release of information regarding the Niagara Web Launcher, check out this link:

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