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Software Update: Niagara 4.7 released! Patches for security vulnerability, FX 14.6, Workplace Launcher 3.1, and more

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We have recently added a lot of new and updated software to the Downloads section of the Cochrane Tech Services support website.

Vykon N4 Supervisor

Niagara 4.7 is officially here, featuring support for the new Niagara Edge 10 controllers, and another round of bug fixes and updates. For the full rundown on the new Edge 10 controllers, and a detailed list of every change made in 4.7, check out the Features Overview and Release Notes on the download page (CTS login required):

Consolidated Patches for Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Recently a cross-site scripting vulnerability was discovered in the Niagara web interface which could allow an authenticated user to inject client-side scripts into some web pages that could then be viewed by other users. There are no known exploits of this vulnerability, but patches have been released to fix it. Niagara 4.7 and the latest patched build does not require these patches. See the following download pages for the available patches:

Consolidated Patches for Niagara AX 3.8.401 (3.8U4)
Consolidated Patches for Niagara (4.4U1)
Consolidated Patches for Niagara
Vykon N4 Supervisor (Patches included in build)

For more information on the vulnerability, you can read Tridium's technical bulletin here.

Changes to Enterprise Security

All software necessary for Vykon Enterprise Security is now included in the primary N4 Supervisor installations. There is no longer a need for a separate download. This begins with the recently released, patched build of Niagara, and Niagara

Vykon N4 Supervisor
Vykon N4 Supervisor

FX Workbench 14.6

JCI's FX Workbench 14.6 has been released. Note that this build will still require the recently released Consolidated Patches for Release information is also included in the download article:

Workplace Launcher 3.1

Workplace Launcher 3.1 is released! It has some new features such as the News section that will tell you about new software added to our Support website that relates to your brands of Niagara, a Stop Daemon button to quickly stop the Niagara service and save/shutdown running stations, and support for setting SystemDB memory in Memory Settings for Niagara 4.6+ installations. We've also finally fixed some bugs related to the first time you use the program after installing it, and freezing Workbench when leaving the program running.

Honeywell Software Updates

Honeywell has released various updates for their Spyder and Stryker software.

Spyder Tool 3.8.401.6.4.13 (AX)
Spyder Tool (N4)
Reflash Tool 2.13.7
Stryker Tool (N4)

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