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CTS Updates: Migration Complete, New Niagara Software Available

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Hello everyone, just giving you all an update on our upgrade process, as well as notifying you of some new software available.

Downloads & Knowledgebase are back!

We've finishing migrating our Downloads and Knowledgebase over to the new software. Hopefully you will find this new system a little faster and more responsive, and we look forward to adding new features in the future. Our Cochrane Tech Services template for the site is not yet ready, but all of our functionality is here. If you see anything missing, just open a ticket and let us know what you need.

New Software

We've added some rather notable new Downloads to the site.

Vykon AX Supervisor and Enterprise Security

Tridium has now officially released AX This is the version of AX that runs on JACE-8000s (which you will be able to downgrade when Niagara 4.2 is released). It also has some new features, such as Java Web Start, which is an alternate login option that allows end-users to download a small Java app to their computer and access Java graphics without worrying about their web browser requiring updates or forbidding the use of Java web applets. To try out the feature, just hit the Java Web Start link from the login screen.

They have also released Enterprise Security, which runs Niagara, bringing Security out of the 3.6 age. It also has some new features, such as a full rest API for accessing Enterprise Security data from external security systems.

Download Vykon AX Supervisor
Download Vykon Enterprise Security

Weather Service Patches

Tridium has released patches for the recent WeatherService errors. They have been released for Niagara AX 3.7.108, 3.8.41, 3.8.111, and Niagara 4.1.27. Note: JACE-2's are no longer able to use the National Weather Service provider, as they cannot support the newly required HTTPS connection. Also, you have to follow some specific instructions for 3.7, which are included on the Downloads page. We also have a Knowledgebase article detailing the issue a bit more as well.

Knowledgebase Article
Download Weather Service Patches

Workplace Launcher 3.0

We recently released Workplace Launcher 3.0, a program that helps you keep track of all of your local Niagara installations (no more digging through the start menu or dozens of Desktop icons), as well as your Host IDs and architectures (32-bit/64-bit). It can also change themes before launching the program (never see Zebra again! ;P ). It's got a whole new coat of paint, and now supports high DPI displays (Surface tablets/laptops, etc).


Download here!

If you're still having any trouble logging in to our new support site, send us an email at and we can help you out. Until next time!

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