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Vykon N4 Released! Web browser .csv export, Kiosk support, Security Dashboard, and more

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Hello everyone, Tridium has released Vykon N4 Supervisor Some of its standout features include:

  • You can now export charts and tables as .csv from web browsers
  • You can setup automatic web access for kiosks using Client Certificate Authentication
  • There is a new Security Dashboard that gives you an instant overview of the security of your station
  • You can upgrade Edge 10 controllers to the new ACE Deterministic Engine, which has extremely fast startup to control time

For the full announcement, release notes, and more, check out the download article for it on our website:

Note: if you have dependencies for things like Honeywell Spyder Tool, that software has not yet been updated for 4.8. Also, the Upgrade Considerations article mentions that you should not currently upgrade JACE 8000's that are being used as a Wi-Fi Client.

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