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WorkPlace Launcher 3.0.3 Released! New features

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Workplace Launcher 3.0.3 is released!


You can now scroll down in the Launch Pad for new features


  • New Open button
    • Opens the Niagara installation folder in Windows Explorer
  • Console button moved to extended menu
  • New Memory Settings button
    • Allows you to change the Heap, Stack, and other memory settings for your installation of Niagara
    • Hit the question mark button for details and recommended settings
  • New Import and Export Nav Tree buttons
    • Export your list of connections from your most-used version, and import them into a different version of Niagara.
  • New Auto-Sync Nav Tree feature, located in Settings.
    • Pick a master Niagara version, and have the nav tree automatically sync to any newly-launched version of Niagara.
  • Can now automatically check for updates and link you to the download of the latest version from the CTS website

Download it here!

WorkPlace Launcher provides easy access for launching any version of Niagara (AX, WEBs, Facility Explorer, etc...)
  • Launch all currently installed programming tools from one location.
  • Easily launch proper platform daemon.
  • View Host ID in copyable format (highlight then press "Ctrl+C").
  • View the architecture of each programming tool (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Notifications about which daemon is currently installed.
  • Launch Niagara Console for each version.
  • Open Niagara installation folder in Windows Explorer for selected version.
  • Edit memory settings for selected version.
  • Automatically sync or manually import/export Nav Tree files so you don't lose your connections list across different versions of Niagara.
  • Change default Workbench theme. (NOTE: Themes are only supported on Niagara 3.7+)
  • Change default Workbench language.

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Kristen Sheidler  
We have found at times that having the launcher open after starting the N4 program will delay the start of Workbench. We have also found when performing actions within Workbench that by closing out of the launcher the processes with complete quicker. Can't verify which versions are or are not impacted as it has not happened frequent enough.


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